Saturday, January 23, 2010


We're having friends over tonight, so I'm making Naan.  I'm using the Fresh Loaf recipe.  Because of some miscommunication about the yogurt in the house, it looks like I'm only going to have 60 minutes instead of 90 for the initial rise.  I tried activating my yeast early to prevent another failure to rise.  Hopefully the 60 minutes will be enough.

One big surprise: using my newly acquired kitchen scale, I discovered that a cup of bread flour weighs in a whopping 5.8 oz when I scoop it.  That may also explain the dryness of the dough when I tried making French bread in the first time.

After proofing for almost 90 minutes, I put the naan into a 425 degree oven.  Aryn was making our main course of Tandoori chicken so I couldn't do the full 475 degrees.  In the end, the bread was a bit denser than ideal for Naan, but still tasty.

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